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August 25th | 2:00 pm EDT | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

How to Process Distributions in 60 Min

See how to shorten the time it takes each month so the majority of your time running distributions isn't spent deciphering and entering data.

The Way to Automate Data Entry

See how to stop manually entering data every time, reducing errors and speeding up your processes -- including into your QuickBooks company.

Why QuickBooks WILL Work For You

Never figured out how to get QuickBooks to work with your oil and gas company? See how we integrate in real-time with QuickBooks for amazing reports.

Why Clients Are Converting From Our Competitors Every Week

See for yourself why we're converting clients weekly from programs such as Wolfepak, OGSys, Roughneck, Avatar and others.


About SherWare, Inc.

What if you could snap your fingers and your Oil & Gas Distributions and Joint Interest Billings were done-for-you AND you were using QuickBooks? It IS possible to automatically track distributions, get reports in QuickBooks AND save more than 10 hours a week doing it (without manually entering the data into confusing software receipt by receipt, or hand-typing it into spreadsheets). Discover an easier way to accurately track distributions with QuickBooks.

SherWare, Inc. is a solution company for the upstream oil & gas industry with back office software products for the oil & gas investor, accountant and operator. 

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August 25th
2:00 pm EDT